Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Day

Thanksgiving was a great family day. Food was good....everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Zoey (missionary extraordinaire) came equipped with her ukelele and a hat. She wanted to raise money for
Nature Conservancy. Her donation will help save a portion of the rain forest.
Zoey has a lovely voice, and has quickly learned to play the ukelele.
Fund raiser in the future? It wouldn't surprise me.

I wish I had a recording of some of the conversations. I'm always busy and miss the stand-up routines.
They are just having normal conversations but seem very humorous to me.

I was pooped out yesterday but managed to do a little Christmas preparation. Easy stuff. It will be a while before I get in the mood for my ridiculous amount of  decorating.
Received two Christmas cards already. Does anyone actually read the first ones?
I have to use up all leftovers before I start reading the Christmas cards.

A Happy Anniversary

It has been 58 years since Joe and I were married in St. Anthony Church in Renton.
I remember being very nervous, waiting to walk down the aisle.
We have had a wonderful life together made richer by our children. Like all couples we faced our share of challenges but for the most part feel very blessed.

Photo of Helen MacKenzie Joe's mom....Martha and Joe

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Harvey at Tumwater High School

In spite of the long drive in nasty weather, we really enjoyed the production of "Harvey".
Our Grandson Ian played Elwood and did a great job. Several other students also did well.
Of course, I am a critic at heart, and if I was the drama teacher, would slow down the pace of the dialogue of some of the actors. Also, they need to remember that they are playing to the entire theater, not just the first few rows. I remember watching my sisters Gloria and Barbara in High School plays. Their voices filled the auditorium at Renton High School. It is a gift to be able to do this without yelling. Ian has this gift as well.
 That said, it was a enjoyable way to spend the evening. We had a bonus since five of our Grand- children were there (including Elwood).

The picture on the mantle was created by James MacKenzie.............

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Back

Joe  came indoors to tell me that  deer were in our back yard.
 He knows how much I love to see them.
I love to see them destroying  plants. By this time of year I really don't care.
 So, as I watch them having lunch, I notice one of them fertilizing the area, for better plant growth....They must have attended a  Cisco Morris class...Ooh la lah!'

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Japanese Maple....Last color standing

While most of the leaves have fallen, we still enjoy the brilliant red of the Japanese Maple. I remember buying this as a very small tree. As I planted it I wondered if it would last. I wonder no more.
I asked Joe to take a photo with his new camera.  My photo was good but colors not true.