Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life with Elizabeth.......I remember

Dr. Clark squeezing my foot in the hospital bed and assuring me that you would make it.
Bringing you home to your happy family.
Giving you a bath in a mixing bowl.
Watching your father and brothers fuss over you.

Walking around the kitchen with you attached to my leg.
The time you gave our neighbor, Lillian a bouquet of flowers picked from her yard.

Your job as a teen-age advice columnist for the Seattle Times.
You receiving a letter from a man in prison!

Recognizing a letter written by Mike and Mom. Oops!

You auditioning for Little Symphony and making it.

Enjoying many concerts with Little Symphony.

Your kindness in helping me at St. Anthony's (Kent) by playing the flute.(I've learned to count since then)

Your poetry.

Your graduations, awards, and accomplishments.

Your courtship, wedding to John...birth of Zoe.

I'll save the rest for your 50th.

Happy Birthday! We love you.

Mom & Dad

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  1. Elizabeth is a wonder! And no wonder! Her mother is a wonder too!